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Census Bureau

Current Population Survey Main Page
Data Extraction Service - Home Page
County Population Estimates & Components of Change: 1990 to 1996
Annual Demographic Survey (March CPS Supplement)
Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Home Page
1990 Census Data from the Census Bureau

Other Federal Government

Welcome to the Bureau of Labor Statistics!
FERRET Login Form
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
HUD's MTCS - Multi-family Tenant Characteristics System
Bureau of Transportation Statistics(BTS) National Transportation Library
National Center for Health Statistics: Published Statistical Tables
The White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room
HUD's Community Connections: Putting People First

Census Data, Repackaged

CIESIN Home Page
CIESIN Archive Of Census Related Products
CIESIN: Demographic Data Viewer Home Page
CIESIN: Access to U.S. Demographic Data
University of Virginia: County and City Data Books
University of Virginia: County Business Patterns, 1977-1994
University of Virginia: Regional Economic Information System, 1969-1994
U.S. Census Data at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
CSA / SDA Demonstration Archive
University of Minnesota: IPUMS
U.S. Cohort and Period Fertility Tables, 1917-1980; Data Archive; Office of Population Research, Princeton University

Other Sources

Point: It's What You're Searching For
EDF: Cost Of Living
Money Online: Best Places 1997
State of the Nation's Cities Database
InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Science Research
Integrated Consumer Expenditure Survey Data

Demographic and Economic Resouces

Berkeley Business Guide No. 18
University Computing Services at USC
Economic Data and Links
Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
Selected Government and Social Science Internet Resources by Subject
A Business Researcher's Interests (Ver 1.96+)
The Right Site
Office of Population Research, Princeton University: Population Index
Office of Population Research
Statistical Resources on the Web
Carolina Population Center (UNC-CH) Home Page
FinanceNet WWW Home Page
Demography & Population - Virtual Library
PCPC Guide to Data Sources
Guide to Updating the 1990 Census
Social Science Data on the Internet
Statistical Sources
WebEc - Economics and Computing
W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
The Social Statistics Briefing Room
Statistical Data Locators: Part 1
Business & Economics Numeric Data
Social Sciences Data Center
Demography Seminar October 3 1995
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
Economic Time Series Page
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
Updating the 1990 Census/Bibliography
Census and Demographic Data
NIDI Demographic Links
American Demographics / Marketing Tools
Planning Commissioners Journal's "Planners Web": Resources on City Planning, Regional Planning, Land Use, Zoning, and Environmental Issues
WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics
UMich Documents Center
University of Virginia Library -- Social Sciences Data Center
Dept. of Accountancy - Aberdeen University

California Data

Selected Government and Social Science Internet Resources by Subject
Demographic Research Unit Homepage
California Department of Finance Demographic Research Unit
California - Labor Market Information Division
Bay Area Regional Database
Half Moon Bay Demographics

Data Centers

SDC/BIDC Clearinghouse
Pennsylvania State Data Center : Welcome!
Planners Home Page
Minnesota State Demographer's Office
FSCPE Homepage

Mapping on the Web

GeoSystems: The Map Room
W.E.R. The Information Connection, Inc.
Community 2020 HUD Community Planning Software
FGDC HomePage
The GIS Master Bibliography
Great GIS Net Sites!
Arkansas Interactive Mapper
Geographic Data Archives
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
MapQuest! Welcome!
Thomas Bros. Maps Points Of Interest
ESRI: The GIS Jump Station
Make a map with NAISMap
PCL Map Collection
Temporal Urban Mapping

Historical Population

Population and Housing Counts
Historical Demographic, Economic and Social Data of the US

Cd Rom Data

Government Information Sharing Project

Data on Special Populations

NACDA: National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging
Association for the Study of Demography of Aging
HRS and AHEAD: Health and Retirement Study Data
U.S. Mortality Estimates and Projections
HUD's MTCS - Multi-family Tenant Characteristics System
U.S. Dept. of Justice: Bureau of Justice Statistics
Juvenile Justice Statistics: Easy Access Software

Internet Resources

Internet Links to Data Libraries
The Argus Clearinghouse
Oregon Home Page: Other Government

Environment Demonstration

California EPA Home Page
East Bay MUD's Home Page
EPA Other Environmental Servers.
EPS's National Estuary Program
San Francisco Estuary Project
The EnviroWeb-- A Project of the EnviroLink Network
US EPA WWW Server.
Environmental Planning and GIS Web Sites
Spatially Oriented Research in Ecology

City and Regional Planning

Welcome to GeoCities Home Page
Interactive Economic Development Network
California Land Use Planning Network
Internet Resources for Planners
Finding General Plans
American Planning Association - Home Page
Internet Resources for Geographers
SUPD Web, School of Urban Planning and Development
The New Planner
Enhancing Planning and Participation
The Planning Commissioners Journal's "Planners Web"
Urban and Regional Planning Electronic Library
Urban Planning & Design
AT RISK: The Greenbelt in Contra Costa County
California Chapter American Planning Association
GeoCities - Enter our Neighborhoods
Greenbelt Alliance's Picks of the Web
USA United States Community Page Index
Transportation Resources - Organizations

Economic Development Sites

Real Estate/EDAWN
Chamber of Commerce, Global Page Index
"CSS" Sonoma County on the internet since August 1994
Arizona Department of Commerce Home Page
Greater Tucson Economic Council (GTEC) -- Business in Arizona
Industrial Sites & Buildings
Internet Economic Development Resources
Internet Worthington
National Marketing Division, Arizona Department of Commerce
NB - Average Industrial Rental Rates
NB - Comparison of Operating Costs
NB | Section = Table of Contents
New Brunswick - Fringe Benenfit Costs
New Brunswick, Canada
Oklahoma Department of Commerce HOMEPAGE
Show-Me Missouri Cyberspace Tradeshow
TradePort Main Menu

Non Profit Organizations

Contra Costa Community Net
Directory of WWW.*.ORG Servers
Impact Online
InterNIC Directory and Database Services - Page 1
InterNIC Directory of Directories
Meta-Index for Non-Profit Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet
PAW: Home Page
Philanthropy Related Links
Select Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet
United Nations