South San Francisco to Brisbane: Oyster Cove to Sierra Point

Park Description and Views

Oyster Cove
Sierra Point

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This section of the Bay Trail continues from the previous segment, which ends at Oyster Point. This segment runs around Oyster Cove and ends at Sierra Point. Below are interpretive signs showing trail maps of part of this area:

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Northwest of Oyster Point Park is the Oyster Cove Marina. Past the marina is a new industrial park, with some impressive landscaping and trail amenities. Beyond that is the site of a WWII liberty shipbuilding yard and channel. North of that, the trail wraps around a large hotel complex. It crosses over a bridge to reach another industrial park. North of the park the trail ends, waiting for the completion of further development on Sierra Point.

Sierra Point is partially in the city of South San Francisco, but most of it is in the city of Brisbane. Brisbane is a small city of around 3,600, with 3.4 square miles of land and 17 square miles of water. It sits between the Bay and San Bruno Mountain. Sierra Point was once a landfill. It is now the home of high-tech industrial parks, a marina, and a fishing pier.

Access Information

To reach the Oyster Cove area, take Oyster Point Blvd. east of 101, then turn left on Veteran's Blvd. Parking and access are available at Oyster Cove Marina, the Britannia Oyster Point industrial park, and the hotels at the end of Veteran's Blvd. Look for public shore access signs.

To reach Sierra Point, take the Sierra Point Parkway exit from 101. Follow the road east to its end. There is parking near the Brisbane Marina. There are other access points throughout this area along Marina Blvd. (See here for a map of the Bay Trail in this area, which is in grid locations C-7 and C-6.)

During weekday commute hours, a free  BART employer shuttle bus runs from the Balboa Park BART station to Sierra Point. A Caltrain shuttle bus also runs through Sierra Point from the South San Francisco Caltrain station to bring commuters to the businesses here.

The next segment of the Bay Trail to the north is near Candlestick Park. There is no off-road route to reach it from Sierra Point. To get there, take Hwy 101 to the Candlestick Park exit. Or take Sierra Point Parkway west, which goes under Hwy 101 and heads north along the east side of Brisbane Lagoon. At the end of Brisbane Lagoon, turn left on Lagoon Way, then right on Tunnel Avenue. Take it north, then turn right on Beatty Road. Turn left on Alanna Road and take it under Hwy 101. It ends at Harney Way. The Bay Trail and Candlestick Point State Recreation Area are on the bayside. Warning: traffic is likely to be very heavy here if there's an event going on at Candlestick Park.

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Description and Views

The pictures below were taken in October 2003. This area is under development in several places, so trail conditions are likely to change.

Oyster Cove

Here at the corner of the trail is the entrance to Oyster Cove.

The trail runs south along Oyster Cove Marina, then turns west.

Beyond the harbor wall is a marsh. An old pier structure sits in the middle of the cove.

The trail turns to the right next to a line of eucalyptus trees by a parking lot.

The trail turns left at a corner. There's a picnic table here. Looking across the cove are the towering slopes of Mt. San Bruno.

This trail segment is next to a new industrial park. The industrial park next to the trail has parking for trail users and multiple access points to the trail. There are parcourse stations along the trail.

The next section of the trail has some of the most elaborate landscaping in the area. There are also benches, interpretive signs, and lighted paths along the way.

There is a plaza area here surrounded by benches.

The trail follows along a rectangular channel that was once used for building liberty ships during WWII.

The trail turns right at the end of the channel along a seawall. It runs next to Veterans Blvd.

The trail turns right and runs up the north side of the channel. The interpretive sign talks about the liberty ships that were built here by the Western Pipe and Steel Company.

The landscaped path on this side of the channel runs next to a large hotel complex, with lawns and benches along the trail

The trail turns left. The interpretive sign on the corner talks about the birds of the shoreline.

The trail runs past the edge of the hotel.

Ahead is a pedestrian bridge over a channel.

There's a viewing platform on the bridge. From here, you can see the shoreline below the industrial park ahead.

There are several circular rest areas with concrete benches and lights.

The trail turns. You can see the Oyster Cove Marina across the water.

There's another circular rest area with a drinking fountain.

The trail runs next to the east-facing shoreline.

The trail ends just before Sierra Point. A path rises up to Shoreline Court. A bike path and asphalt sidewalk are along the road.

Sierra Point

This area is currently under development, so will be changing in the near future. Portions of this area may be closed due to construction. At the time this picture was taken, there was no formal trail along this portion of the shore. An informal dirt trail can be seen running next to the rock-lined shoreline. This is a view across the sidewalk along Shoreline Court. This tour will follow along the roads.

Shoreline Court crosses Sierra Point Parkway. Turn right on Sierra Point Parkway. The asphalt sidewalk parallels the road. The road leads to the parking lot of the Brisbane Marina. Turn right into the parking lot and take it all the way to the end.

Past the parking lot is a large dirt lot. The start of the paved Bay Trail can be seen to the east.

The path winds along and turns at the southern seawall of the marina.

The trail runs next to the marina. There are benches, lawns, and restrooms along it.

The trail reaches the north end of the harbor and turns left.

At this corner is the Sierra Point Pier, another popular fishing spot.

The trail runs next to an industrial park, with wide lawns and trees along it.

There are several large industrial buildings next to the trail.

This is a view of the Bay waters. Rocks protect the shoreline.

At the end of the lawn, there's a bench and a Bay Trail sign. The trail runs between some bushes, but not for long.

This is the view along the Bay north of the trail. There are no formal trails here, but you may see people walking out along the beach to fish. Hwy 101 runs just above the rocky shoreline. On the west side of 101 is the Brisbane Lagoon, which used to be bayshore before 101 was built.

The trail turns south and dead ends here at this time. Turn around and head back the other way. See the access section for instructions on how to reach the next Bay Trail segment at Candlestick Point.


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