Arrowhead Marsh
Martin Luther King Junior Regional Shoreline


  • Do you want a quiet retreat in urban Oakland?
  • Are you stuck waiting for a delayed flight at Oakland International Airport and desparately need some fresh air?
  • Take a break and head for Arrowhead Marsh, a highlight of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Regional Shoreline Park operated by the East Bay Regional Park District!
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  • Access Information
  • Views of the Trail Along San Leandro Creek
  • Pictures of and from the Marsh Boardwalk
  • Views of Visitor Facilities
  • Views of the Trail Along Airport Channel

    Access Information

    The park and adjacent trail system can be reached directly from a parking area off I-880. Take the Hegenberger Road exit in Oakland. There is a staging area just past the bridge over channelized San Leandro Creek, shown here.

    Alternatively, follow the signs off Hegenberger to the parking area adjacent to the marsh.

    Views of the Trail Along San Leandro Creek

    The Bay Trail leaves Hegenberger Road to follow both sides of San Leandro Creek to the Bay.

    These two paths are linked by a bridge at the north end, so it doesn't matter which one you take. We traveled on the western path, shown here.

    Pictures of and from the Marsh Boardwalk

    The Bay Trail passes between developed park and Arrowhead Marsh itself.

    The title of the marsh comes from its resemblance to an arrowhead when viewed from the air. This feature is barely visible when viewed from the trail.

    A boardwalk gives better access to wildlife views.

    Here birds rest in the mudflats.

    Views of Visitor Facilities

    Across from the marsh is a wooden ramp structure.

    The ramp has signs with information on the park and its wildlife.

    The ramp also provides access to the adjacent picnic area.

    The design of the ramp itself is quite distinctive, even sculptural.

    A lawn area suitable for family picnics is adjacent to this structure.

    One of the highlights of the large lawn area is a double cone sculputure.

    We found out that this sculpture, by Roger Berry, is called "Duplex Cone," and represents the path of the sun at the summer and winter solstices.

    The sand pit next to the picnic area features a large sculpture of a gray whale.

    This whale looks like it is "swimming" in the sand!

    Views of the Trail Along Airport Channel

    The Bay Trail continues past the marsh along Airport Channel.

    An informal launching ramp across the channel off Doolittle drive allows access to the channel by personal water craft. People were enjoying the choppy water the afternoon we visited.

    The trail continues, both as a formal trail and as a road shoulder, along Doolittle Drive to connect with the loop trail around the Bay Farm Island development.

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