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Pollution Prevention Project Update

City and county governments around the Bay Area have adopted resolutions calling for the elimination of dioxin compounds.[1] To meet the challenge of the local resolutions, a task force of local government agencies has been established at the Association of Bay Area Governments.

The main goals of the task force are:

  • Pool local governments’ knowledge and resources to study the problems of dioxins and recommend possible solutions or actions for local governments around the San Francisco Bay

  • Coordinate with efforts of state, federal, and regional agencies working on dioxins pollution

  • Conduct public outreach events to community groups and the general public regarding new information on dioxins research and/or control measures

[1] Since 1999, the City and County of San Francisco, Counties of Alameda and Marin, and Cities of Palo Alto, Oakland and Berkeley, and the Port of Oakland and ABAG have passed dioxins and/or PBT resolutions.


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