Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The following maps were derived from "Q3 Flood Data". Before viewing the maps, please be aware of the following information about Q3 Flood Data.

Data completeness for Q3 Flood Data files reflect the content and completeness of the source Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Features may have been eliminated or generalized on the FIRM due to scale and legibility constraints.
Edge-matching errors, overlaps and underlaps in coverage, and similar problems are not corrected during digitizing or scanning and vectorizing.
The flood risk data presented in the FIRM are developed only for communities participating in the NFIP for use in insurance rating and for floodplain management. Flood hazard areas are determined using the following sources: statistical analysis of records of river flow, storm tides, and rainfall; information obtained through consultation with the communities; floodplain topographic surveys; and hydrological and hydraulic analyses.
Flood Insurance Rate Maps continually undergo revisions and updates. Some of these revisions are effected by letter (Letter of Map Correction). Q3 Flood Data may not reflect the most current information or information that is not mappable at the publication scale of the FIRM. Users who need these updates should contact FEMA to obtain them in hard copy format.
Despite FEMA's best efforts to make the FIRMs as useful as possible, the descriptions of Special Flood Hazrd Area (SFHA) areas, as depicted by some maps, may, in some instances, not be clear enough to permit lenders to decide with certainty and precision whether or not property that is the security for a loan or that is the subject of financial assistance is located in such an area. It is for this reason that FEMA has recommended a "good faith standard." The good faith standard requires lenders to exercise "due diligence and good faith" in determining the location of a property that is the subject of a loan relative to areas of special flood hazards as shown on a FIRM. This guidance is further explained, with additional information on the 1973 Act, in the publication, Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance Guidelines.

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To ask questions, submit comments, or inquire about the availability of data sets, contact:

Mitigation Directorate
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Q3 Steering Committee
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